1 All matches will be played by the rules and regulations of the Dutch Football Association and are led by official referees from the Dutch Football Association.

2 The matches will be played on natural and artificial grass. The groups and match schedule  you can find in the tournify app by searching on the name of the tournament.

3 The tournament is receptive to professional youth players born in 2010

4 All matches will last 1 x 25 minutes. Repeated substitutes during the match are allowed.

5 Teams should be present at the entrance of the pitch 5 minutes before the match and be ready for kick-off 1 minute before the match.

6 All teams shall bring spare shirts with them. The first mentioned club in the program is expected to be the home team and wear the spare shirts if necessary.

7 The numbers of the shirts need to be in line with the numbers on the players list that have been sent to the tournament organization before the mentioned deadline.

8 The highest number in points will determine the final score in the group. In case two teams ending up in same position, following criteria apply for determining the final arrangement: a) The highest number in points won in duel(s) between the teams in question
b) The best goal difference in the current group

c) The most scored goals in the current group
d) The highest number in points won in all group duels e) The best goal difference won in all group duels
f) The most scored goals in all group duels
g) is that a draw, then rule number 9 will be active. 

9 Final matches will be directly decided by penalties when it is a draw. 3 penalties will be taken one by one. If there is no winner after 3 penalties, then we continue one by one.  Also players who where on the bench can take the penalty. Every player who is on the  players list can be activated once till the number of 12 maximum. If no player is left to  take (missing or injured), then the penalty will count missed.

10 Any player who is suspended from the game is automatically suspended for the next match. In an exceptionally serious violation or physical abuse, the committee reserves the right to definitely exclude a player from the tournament.

11 The organization accepts no liability for lost or damaged clothes and/or items.

12 Any incident not provided for in these regulations, will be resolved by the committee. It is not possible to lodge an appeal against this.

13 Every team who participates in the tournament automatically accepts the tournament regulations as described above.